Vertical Garden Ideas and Designs

vertical garden ideas

Vertical Garden Ideas and Designs

Vertical Garden is one of the unique ways to grow plants on walls. Vertical gardens can also be referred as living wall or green wall. Vertical Garden is the perfect solution to create greenery in today’s urban space. If you are interested to start your own vertical garden and are thinking about unique vertical garden ideas and designs then there are many options for you start.  Vertical garden are beneficial as they take very less space and they are easy to harvest and also to maintain. If you want to grow vertical garden, then you must make sure that the plants are placed within reach. Vertical garden also needs a sturdy support and a wall which is placed in an area where there is access to plenty of sunlight.

Many designs in this blog post is pulled from and the interior designers, architects, and photographers have all been given credit beneath each photo. You can learn more about each design by clicking on the image.

1.Sampan Place

Vertical garden is a system built with back frame sturdy support such that it doesn’t damage the wall or its surroundings. Vertical garden can be installed indoors, wall of commercial buildings, outdoors, semi shade etc. They are extremely versatile. They are designed to be a long lasting feature wherever it has been installed. Moving it after installation can also be done. Vertical garden doesn’t require much maintenance. Once your install it the drip irrigation structure takes care of vertical garden. In the absence of existing water connection we have an option to install bottom container with the drip irrigation system which is attached to the vertical garden structure.

2. Luxury penthouse on The Strand by Peek Architecture

5 Unique vertical garden ideas and designs

If you want to start a vertical garden then here are many options for vertical garden ideas and designs available for you.

The Garden Tower– This is one of the best performing vertical gardening system having lot of features. This system does not take much space as it takes only four square feet and you can plant up to 50 different varieties of plants in it.

Succulent Vertical Garden– This vertical garden would look lovely on mantel, on wall of dining room, or in the bedrooms. Cactus and Landscape fabric can be planted easily in succulent garden.

Vertical vegetable Garden– This vertical garden has a look of a window box. While installing always makes sure that there is adequate space between the so that plants gets enough sunlight. You can plant verity of vegetable plants in it.

Wall planter– confused with Small or large vertical garden. You can have this wall planter which take up as much as space you want.

Leather and Wood Trellis– You can plant as many as different types of plants in this trellis wall garden.

3.Special Features – Living Wall

4. Small outdoor room with a green wall in Kensington

5. Living Wall / Green Art

6.copper vertical garden

7. A Succulent Wall

8. GroVert Wall Mural

9. Vertical Gardens with Wall Trellis by Terra Trellis

10. Wally Three in Lightweight Vertical Pots

11. vertical garden with Ina Wall Trellis by Terra Trellis

12. Vertical Gardening Ideas – How To Make a Vertical Garden – Country Living

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