All About Vertical Garden- Gardening Pots and Planters

vertical garden

If you ever want to create your own garden in your small backyard, or in office space, then Vertical Garden is one of the beautiful, sustainable and space saving gardens to create.

What is vertical gardening?

Vertical gardening is a method of growing your plants on a vertically built structure using hydroponics. You can also name these vertical gardens as green walls or living walls. Vertical garden system is one of the modern types of urban gardening. This modern gardening system can be a wonderful alternative to potted plants for your interior and exterior decor. They are beneficial as they do not take much space unlike potted plants, potted plants can be placed anywhere, but take much space and requires maintenance. Vertical gardens take less space and are easy to maintain, as they come in one large panel. The panel includes vertically applied growth medium which are supported on vertical face of the wall.

Vertical Garden supports climbing plants that climb up the vertical space of the garden. You can plant variety of plant species in these vertical gardens. You can use these vertical gardens in your home to decorate your walls and roofs in various styles, or you can also use them in your office space as they bring the nature into any professional environment.

How to start your own vertical garden?

Firstly you need to choose an area where you want to install the vertical garden; it could be small balcony wall in house, your residential backyard, office lobby, walkway, or meeting room, etc, you need to look for an area where there is sturdy support and a wall, where there is enough access to sunlight for plants to grow. You can also create freestanding green walls making it amazing option to move anywhere. Once you choose the area, then you need to buy specialist pots and planters for your favorite plants, using these pots you can then form an impressive structure that goes well with your garden. Once you have your pots ready now choose the seeds and plants you wish to plant in your vertical garden and plant them. Once you install it in a particular area, the drip irrigation structure takes care of your vertical garden. You also have an option to install bottom container which is attached to drip irrigation structure in the absence of existing water connection. Once everything then is set, you’re ready with your innovative and highly productive vertical garden.

How to Green Your Home (Part 1): Build an Indoor Vertical Garden from SUMMER RAYNE OAKES on Vimeo.

choose the suitable vertical garden plants

Whether you’re looking for climber vine plants or patio plants for your vertical gardens, you have lot of options to choose from, as they come in different varieties of shape and size. Choosing the right plant for your vertical garden could be little difficult, because there are different vertical gardening systems such as living walls, stacked planters or hanging pots, you also have trellises, arches, arbors, etc, so If you choose the wrong plant then it can ruin your vertical garden. So here we have made it easier for you to choose the right planters online for your vertical garden.

You can put plants in two different categories- climber and non climbers. It is important that you understand difference between climbing plants which climb trellis and patio plants which are non climbers.

Climber plants grow long and branches of these plants climb up. These plants will cover trellis, arbor or other plant support you want to use. You can find ton of wonderful climbing plants, some of the commonly used climbing flowers are jasmine, roses, honey suckle, sweet peas, clematis, etc., and vegetables plants such as cucumbers, beans, etc these all come in climbing varieties that can be trellised.

vertical wall plants

When you use vertical containers like tower gardens, wall pockets, picture frames, or other types, you can find unlimited options of non climbing plants for these types of vertical gardens.  Such as mint, basil, dill, sage, rosemary, lettuce, etc. can be grown in garden pots. There are options for non climbing flower plants such as orchids, impatiens, moss rose, pansies, marigolds, etc. You also have wonderful options in Succulents to use in vertical garden, since they are perfect for picture frames, living walls and other shallow planters. You have varieties of succulents to choose from such as Aloe Vera, Black Prince, cactus, Cocoon plant, Snake Plant, etc, for your vertical gardens.

Unique Vertical Garden Designs and Ideas

There are different unique designs and ideas to create your own vertical garden. These designs can be as small as a photo frames or as large as a big masterpieces. These unique design structures come in varieties of shape and size, they can be freestanding or even attached to the existing walls.

There are varieties of options for vertical gardening ideas and designs to choose from. Here are few which you can choose for your vertical gardens.

Container style garden

This is one of the easiest option in which potted plants are attached to a wall or planters are stacked or displayed in the rows.

Wall Garden

Pocket garden

In this design plants are tucked into pockets type container made up of felt or canvas.

Large plastic or wooden wall planters

You can also grow vertical garden using plastic which has a panels or slots, or wooden pallets to plant.

The Garden Tower

This is the best performing design having lot of features. You can plant up to 50 different varieties of plants without taking much space.

Vertical vegetable Garden

This design looks like a window box. Make sure there is adequate space between the plants so that they get enough sunlight. You can plant verity of vegetable seeds in this garden design

Vertical Herb Garden

This design is made of easy source landscape fabric to plant varieties of herbs.

wall garden


Succulent Vertical Wall Plants

Succulent vertical garden is one of the excellent choices for a vertical garden.  You can plant varieties of succulents such as Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Cocoon plant, Black Prince, cactus, etc, in this garden. You can use this design for your dining room wall or in the bedrooms.

Wood Trellis

This wood trellis design could be excellent choice for climbing plants. you can include several varieties of climbing plants in your garden.

Wall planter

This wall planters can be used in large or small areas, you can take as much as space you want and install this design as needed.

How to buy Vertical Garden Pots and Planters Online

You can buy amazing vertical garden pots and planters which are available in online stores. Select the pots and planters according to the vertical gardening system you are planning to install, to meet the needs of your vertical gardens. These containers online are of best quality products you can choose from. Browse through the website and select the design of vertical garden pots and planters for your wonderful vertical gardens.

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