Illuminate Your Home Decor With Beautiful Wall Lamp

wall lamp

Home decor may be seen as a difficult task, where lighting is one of important feature without which other efforts can be easily rendered futile. Lighting should be looked into layers; using just ceiling lights will make your room look too bright or using floor lamp alone will make your room too murky. Wall lamp therefore, is one of the best decorative lighting components that your home should look for.

What are wall lamps?

It is type of wall lighting fixture that is fixed using the support of wall. These decoration lights are popular since ancient times and were used to hold candles and torches. Now modern designers have come up with modern wall lamps which are available in wide variety of size, color and shapes, where some require electric light source that connects within the fixture and some come with battery powered fixtures. There are varieties of options to choose from when deciding to use a wall lamp. Some have candles, while some have electric bulbs which is needs to be plugged into an outlet, and some wall lamp are operated by the battery which is fit in.

This Wall lamp may not be first light source that comes to mind when you think of the quality lighting, but these lights are extremely versatile and can provide general room lighting. These wall lamp are chord free, wall mounted and don’t take up much space. These lamps look like arm that is coming out from the wall with some attractive shades. These lamps are traditional and can suit any home decor. Wall lamp work well with switches and pull chains. These lamps use bulbs with different shades that can project light equally throughout the room. These wall lights provide accent lighting, creating cozy and charming atmosphere in your bed room or guest room.

Other fancy wall lights may come with a fancier replaceable covers were you can replace the design without touching the light source. Some lights resemble candles or torches, providing natural feel. Some light fixtures lie flat and other light fixtures direct light up with a bowl shape. A wall lamp suits any environment such as both indoor and outdoor environment. Most of them are wired to the switch and some come with battery powered. These battery powered wall fixtures can be portable, save energy and are easier to install.

Where can you use wall lights in your home?

Use wall lights in the living room: Wall lights are excellent source of lighting your living room, as they give traditional style to your living room. They come in many styles and materials. You can find elegant designs to choose form and are best way to make your living room feel homely and cozy. You can place these wall lights on the either side of fireplace or couch which is an easy way to add a dash of traditional and modern at the same time.

Use wall lights in the bedroom and guest room: using these wall fixtures can create a romantic ambient lighting in your bedroom or guest room. They come in different varieties for every style bedroom.  These ambient lighting fixtures can be feminine and elegant for your room; they can also fit in modern and industrial spaces. These lights can be places either sides of bed to provide potent ambient lighting to your bedroom or guest room.

Use wall lights for your outdoor: wall lights can be used in various different places of outdoor. You can use two entryway lights as a decorative element to your front door. These lights can also be used in a backyard outdoor space, as they create a great ambiance. The wall fixtures are great decorative element for outdoor spaces.

Use wall lights to frame artwork: wall lights are not only used for highlighting your wall art or gallery art, but they also add dimension to it. These lights pull together the colors around the art making your frame to pop out.

Use wall lights for lighting the bathroom: using wall light fixtures in bathroom can either be very fluid or subtle. Wall lights in Brass or gold may create a bold and modern look in a bathroom, against the wall colors like white, cream and gray. They just bring life to a bathroom space by giving a contemporary touch to it.

Use wall lights as their own works of art: there are so many amazing wall light fixtures out there that used as statement for any home decor. With creative fixtures you can easily bring an art-decor element to your space.

Tips to consider while installing wall lights in your home

If you are interested to install wall lights, then here are few tips to consider.

Where to install: wall lights can be used almost any area of your home and go well with every home decor. Normally people think of installing in pairs, but you can also use single or double set of lights for your room. Typically you can install these lights in living room, corridors, bedroom, bathroom, hallways and also used for fireplace or to frame doorways. Swing arm lights over the night table are best for the readers.

Mounting: One of the challenging tasks with wall lights is to determine the proper installation height. Placing these lights in right or wrong direction can really make lot of difference to your room. So it’s better to determine the installation height and also to measure the scale of the room. Typical they are placed about 5.6 to 6 feet off ground level.  Rooms with higher ceilings may be able to take higher placement. So it depends on the height of location where you want to install these lights.

Styles:  Wall lights come in so many unique and interesting styles to choose from. They are available in different types such as candle, swing, armed, picture and lantern. Candles are for cozy feel, armed are great for muted light, lanterns for nautical touch, picture for libraries. They come in wide range of interior styles from traditional to modern styles of mix of both to choose from.

Wall light fixtures are made up what materials?

Wall light fixtures are made up of many different materials such as glass, plastic, ceramic, metal and wood. It is important to choose the right material for room’s lighting. A clear glass lights provide the warm light of the bulb inside to dominate the color in the room and blue ceramic lights would highlight cool shade in a room. Ceramic lights dampen shadows and illuminate more, where as metal sconces provides clear cut shadows and focus light towards the particular area. You can choose design and material that would blend with your home decor.

Tips while buying wall lamps online

When you buy wall lamp it is important to know the size of the light you are looking for, as the light size can impact the mood of the room. The two bulb wall lamp could illuminate a room in less space than two separate one bulb lights which can save space in small room and also avoid cluttering the walls. So choosing the right wall lamp for the room is an important aspect. You can decorate your room by modern wall lamps which are available in beautiful designs at great prices in online. These decorative wall lamps are available in different sizes, colors and shades, so you can opt for one that would blend with the decor of your room. You can buy them at great prices online in India.

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