Things To Know About Solar Fountains

solar water fountain

Solar fountains are the most pleasant and fascinating additions that you can add in your garden. They are the great way to introduce an ambiance of serenity and peace into your garden. They are the best and most popularly used fountains in gardens, as they use the solar energy to pump water of the garden pond, pool by converting solar power into electricity. Solar fountains are identical to ordinary fountains that are available in the market, but only difference is they have an additional component to power it up.

What are solar fountains?

Solar fountains are nothing but the electrical fountains that are powered by a solar panel that is being placed in direct sunlight. The solar fountain model has the water pump that is connected to the solar panel. This solar panel is either placed within the solar water fountain or it may be placed separately with a help of long cord which are attached to the solar fountain pump, they are separately mounted so as to keep the beauty of the solar fountain intact.

How solar garden fountains works?

The solar fountain work on photovoltaic effect, where photo-voltaic cells in the solar panel use sunlight as a source of energy, and this energy is converted into direct current and sent it to the solar pump to pump the water that is submerged in water pond or the reservoir. Solar garden fountains are best to be placed where the sun shines directly on the solar panels in the day time. You should make sure you keep solar water fountain away from shady areas as lack of sunlight will reduce the power of the solar pump that is needed to the fountain to work well. It works well only when it is placed to the direct sunlight.

Advantages of a solar water fountain

*As you know solar fountains are solar powered and don’t require any wires or electricity for the fountain to work, so these are the perfect choice for your outdoor garden or for any outdoor settings.

*Solar fountain can be easily placed in an area where there is enough sunlight.

*Solar water fountains are just like other electric fountain in the market and also have the same beautiful details like them.

*Solar garden fountains are very quick and easy to install, you need require sockets to plug in or wiring like other indoor water fountains.

*Solar fountain can be used both indoor and as well as outdoor.

*Very low maintenance is required for solar powered fountains.

*Solar fountains are environmentally friendly.

*Solar fountains can add extraordinary appeal to your gardens giving you a relaxing and tranquility feel.

*Solar fountains come in different types of designs and shape that suit well with your taste and as well as your budget.

*solar powered fountains are safe to use and operate as it doesn’t need an electrical outlet to plug it in.

*As solar fountain are solar powered these fountains are cost effective and saves energy, as they don’t use electricity.

Disadvantages of solar water fountain

*Solar water fountains generally cost more than electric fountains.

*Solar powered fountains do not work well in cloudy days as it uses solar light as the source of energy.

*Solar fountains do not work well in sunny areas.

* If you live in a place where it snows, then it’s better to get different kind fountain as it doesn’t work well.

*If there is drop in temperature in the winter months, you may have to disconnect the solar fountain pump to prevent any damage.

*The garden solar fountain without battery shut off completely at night.

*The solar fountain with battery much be charged properly during the day else it can’t work properly at the night.

Installing outdoor solar powered fountain in your garden

Some the solar powered fountains come ready, you don’t need much energy for installation of these fountains. Installing is very simple and easy if the solar panel comes built-in into the fountain. You just have assemble accessorizing part as per the directions in the manual that comes with the kit and place in a stable location where the sun light falls directly on the solar panel and wait for the sun to do the rest.

If the solar fountain comes with a separate solar panel, then the solar panel is needed to be connected to the fountain pump. And one you connect solar panel to stand with the help of the mounting system, the solar panel is either hung in full sunlight up or staked in the ground. Some of the water fountains come with built-in solar lightings to make your fountain look attractive. Just follow the simple instructions manual that comes with the fountain kit and install it. Once you install you are ready to enjoy your solar water fountain in your garden settings.

Different types of solar fountain pumps

As it is powered by the solar energy, depending on this energy, solar water pump keeps the fountain water flowing. It is very important to choose the best solar water pump for the solar powered fountain as it is the key to efficient fountain operation. You can find three basic types of solar water pump such as following:

  1. Direct power solar pumps: this type of pump operates directly on the solar panels that are built-in with the solar fountain or connected with the solar fountain. In the solar fountain like bird bath the solar panel are built into the basin of the feature which powers the pump for the flow of water. For fountain type like floating lily solar pond has the built-in solar panel on the lily that draws the solar energy and then powers the pump which is at the base. This type of solar powered pump doesn’t require much energy for installation. But always make sure you place the pump directing towards the sunlight, as it works on only on the solar energy. If there is no sunlight then there is no energy that is stored for the pump to work.
  2. Submersible solar pumps: these types of pumps are fully submersed into the water. This type of pump produce the water spray above the water making the water fountain both aerate and decorative. The solar pump submerged below the water of reservoir, garden pond, pool or lack draws the solar energy from the remote solar panel that is installed.
  3. Battery backup pumps: this type of pump comes with the battery that is capable of storing the solar energy. This battery backup pump is charged during the day time by the solar panel and provides the water flow at the night in the solar fountains. These types of solar pumps are expensive when compared to direct power solar pumps or submerged solar pumps. But they provide the soothing sound of cascading waters or fountain spray in any garden during the night.

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