Pendant Lights for Living Room Online: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to lighting fixtures, pendant lights are the perfect addition for your home decor. These pendent lights have unique and outstanding models to fit in any home decor. These decorative lights add soft elegance illumination to your room without overwhelming the interiors.

What are pendant lights?

Pendant lights are the lights that are suspended from the ceiling either by a cord, chain, pole, wire or with metal rod. These lights are perfect for providing directed task lighting as well as for ambient lighting. When it comes to layering light with pendant lights within your home you need not be overlooked as they are both functional and stylish and are available in vast style options, designs, shades, plentiful colors and materials. Since there are many varieties of pendant lights you can hang these decorative lights in any number of combinations single or in cluster in any number of places.

Why use decorative pendant lights for living room?

For any well designed space lighting is an essential component. Lighting up your living room has huge impact on its appearance, as most of living happens here. How you light up your living room relates directly to your style and personality.  So choosing the right lighting source can be helpful to choose the best light. The overhead pendant lights are the perfect addition to any home living space, as they have the ability to enhance the appearance of your living space without adding much to your energy bill.

No living space is ever complete without pendant lighting fixtures, as they don’t consume any floor space and can be easily hung from the high ceilings in such a way that they provide ample lighting to your room. These decorative lights have the ability to act like the spotlights in your living room. These task lighting’s can be used either as a primary source or light or as a secondary source of light. You can use these decorative lights to highlight artistic elements in your living room such as picture frames, painting, and sculpture to draw attention to whatever you wish to bring into attention. These ceiling lights also have the ability to project light from the ceiling to the floor. Using the right pendant lighting fixture gives your living space the perfect finishing feel.

How to choose the right pendant light for your room?

Pendant lighting has an elegant effect that can customize lighting to any specific artwork and redefine its appearance or to illuminate your room. Choosing the right light can transform your home into a gathering place. Here are few things you need to consider while choosing a these hanging lights for your room.

*Room size – what size pendant light to be used totally depends upon the scale of the room. The pendants the feature big and prominent shade can be beneficial for the rooms having large scale. You can use multi light pendant having several hanging lights, as these fixtures tend to be large and work best for larger rooms. And for small scale rooms you can go for mini pendants with slender or lighter shades which will shine well in the small scale rooms.

*Target surface – the scale of your lights depends on the target surface, suppose you want to illuminate a kitchen island, there are chances that you might need more number of lights to illuminate your target surface. So whatever you are wishing to illuminate, large dining table, a kitchen island, or any space that needs to be illuminated depends upon the scale of the target surface.

*Type of light to be used– pendant lights come in vast range and available in different shades, such as opaque shades, wood veneer, porcelain etc. where all of them illuminate very differently. Depending upon the type of lighting you wish to add to your room helps you to determine the type the pendant light to choose for you room that suits well for your decor.

Places to hang pendant lights in your home

Pendant lights are one of the most versatile fixtures that you can add into your home decor. These decoration lights have the ability to redefine the look and the feel of the room. There are countless designs from the lantern pendants to modern day charm of interlocking rings, to satisfy your lighting demands and decorative needs. These lights can be used for both ambient lighting and for task lighting. Whether you need task lighting or ambient lights these pendant lights come in wide range to complement your sense of style in a flash. Here are the few places where you can hang these decorative lights in your home.

Living Room – this is the most dynamic space to hang pendant light, as these lights fixtures are used for ambient lighting as well as task lighting’s. The best living room lighting arrangements is created by combining both ambient and task lighting’s. So pendant lights are perfect for layer lighting styles in your living room for perfect illumination. Using decorative pendant lighting is the most efficient way to add ambient light to your living room.

Reading table – you can use lantern pendants for small and modernized spaces like reading tables. These fixtures are the creative replacement for table lamp and offer a brilliant illumination right where you need it. If you have a large seating arrangement then you can hang multiple matching pendants. You can hang matte metallic frame or can hang chic black silhouette for commanding statement. These lantern pendants are the mixture of both old style and contemporary appeal and are most adaptable styles that you can try for your reading table.

Dining Table – you can hang luminous pendants for your dining tables. These open and airy designs are perfect additions to your dining spaces. These luminous pendants give reassuring and comfortable lighting for breakfast nooks and dining space. You can use single pendant over small breakfast table or you can hang multiple identical pendant over a large dining table.

Home Office – you can hang these pendant lights in your home office to provide ambient lighting to boost your workspace. The pendant lights brighten your entire workspace with even light distribution that complements downward task lighting’s. These streamlined designs will enhance and illuminate your workspace making your work easy.

Bedroom – these pendant lights can be hanged in your master bedroom or in the guest bedrooms to reflect your personality.  Update your rooms with dazzling crystal embellishments, or ethereal with a sheer organza drum shade, or embrace you’re styling however you see fit with pendants that go well. You can also go for artistic fixtures that can make you feel more like sanctuary.

Hallway – You can use lanterns, orbs, and urn pendants that are great additions for your hallways. These pendant lights give your hallway elegance and illuminate brilliantly. You can add a matte black fixture or you can go for bare-bones lantern for your hallways which perfectly complements the charm of your hallway.

Just by the side – you can use pendant lights just by the side of tables, or artful nooks, these lighting fixtures fit well anywhere as long as there’s ample ceiling space.

Types of the Pendants lights 

Pendants lights are available in market in varieties of options. Modern pendant lights come in different size, shape, style, color and designs including the following popular types:

* Linear pendants

* Mini Pendant lights

* Dome Pendants

* Conical and Cylindrical Pendants

* Abstract Pendants

* Exposed Bulb Pendants

* Chandeliers

Buy pendant lights online

You can buy pendant lights India form mini pendant light to chandeliers, you readily get them all, with numerous colors, size, shape, style and designs available, there’s always something for everyone, so make a wise decision today and get the best pendant lights online in India. Check for amazing range of pendant lights online to decorate your home. Choose and buy designer pendant lights that go well for your home decor.

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