Make Your Room Complete With Chandelier Lights Online

Make Your Room Complete With Chandelier Lights Online

Chandelier lights can really work like magic for your home decor; they are an excellent way to decorate your home, by letting your personality shine through exclusive designs. Chandeliers can bring glitter and shine to your home decor. These chandelier lights are highly efficient and greatly help in enhancing style and appearance of your space.

What is chandelier?

Chandeliers are nothing but a light fixture that are hung to the ceiling, these fixtures are used to glam up any room such as living room, bedroom, dining room and patio. This light fixture features multiple lamps that are arranged in multiple tiers. Chandeliers are used for ambient lighting and are simplistic in style. The main goal of this fixture is to illuminate your room. They are the stand out glittering and glowing lights to add dramatic flair to any decor and are also know as a mood settler of the room. As these lights are in layer form, chandeliers can have anywhere from two to hundreds of lights that will stand out in your room.

Modern chandeliers lights types, design and styles for your home

In the ancient days, these lights where incorporated by complex designs and where in circular shape. By then, these chandeliers were utilized as status symbol in homes of high ranked families and in palaces. In ancient days these lighting fixtures were only intended to brighten up the home. It really took long time to create these modern pieces which were quite expensive during those days.

Now designers have come up with unique and modern chandelier designs, styles and types to choose from, that really fit well to every home decor theme. Today chandeliers are available in more affordable prices and are the perfect addition to your modern home decor.

Today you can readily find a chandelier in many different shapes, size, styles and finishes that easily fits your taste like never before. These decorative lighting’s have evolved over the years which ensure that you will find chandelier that perfectly suits your home. The chandelier you select is not just about getting chandelier fixture but it’s also a way to showcase your personality.

Different chandelier style options for your home decor

  • Modern – These chandeliers hanging come in subtle patterns, and are clean designs that add glam to your home decor.
  • Glass – These chandeliers encompass sleek designs, with smooth and clean lines that provide exceptional home decors.
  • Antique –These chandelier incorporates timeless designs, with cultured textures and decorative patterns that work together to provide an elegant look to you home decor.

The best style is the one that directly represents your personal taste and fashion.

Chandelier shapes and size

There are different shapes of chandelier that can be found online, such as Rectangular chandelier, Bowl chandelier/pendant light, Cluster chandelier, Sputnik chandelier, caged chandelier, Globe chandelier and Beaded chandelier which are available in large, medium and small sizes.

The large classic chandeliers has outstanding models, these large chandeliers fixture provides a large source of ambient light for the room. This large size chandelier is often placed in areas where there is high traffic, such as grand entryways or foyers, or in the living room or even in the large formal dining room which has a great impact. For places like traditional dining rooms and as focal points for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens medium size chandeliers work well. You can add two medium size chandeliers if you have long dining room table. Likewise, you can impress any visitors by installing a small chandelier in your walk-in way. With these numerous selections of decorative lighting shapes and size you can choose the perfect chandelier for your home decor.

Chandeliers come in great finishes

There are different types of finishes you can choose from such as Crystal, Brass, Bronze, Gold, Wrought Iron, Chrome and satin nickel. But choosing right chandelier fixture can be little confusing as they come in so many different types of finishes. The appropriate size of chandeliers is proportional to the surface area of the space, so be certain to find a design that perfectly suits your home decoration to get the best decorative lighting.

Types of Chandeliers Fixtures

Crystal – this ceiling light fixture will always give a sense of elegance to your room when compared to other lighting fixtures. They are the most popularly used chandelier known for their beauty, lightness and grace. Colored glass chandelier lights contain the chemical elements such as gold, manganese, cobalt, silicon and copper which are highly valued. When sun rays penetrate the crystals of this chandelier light, it creates a brilliant ambiance in your room. These chandeliers bring positive and calming mood to your living space.

Shaded – this type of fixture has shaded, diffusing and downward reflecting lights and are often made up of fabric or glass.

Tiered – these fixtures are arranged in the tires in different rows, which are leveled on top of one another. This type of fixture can incorporate numerous styles of lighting’s.

Beaded – this chandeliers fixtures has a different colored beads, or pearls or also has shells that provide an elegant look to your living space, depending on your style.

Reversible – these are fixtures that allow you to switch between task lighting and ambient lighting. These chandeliers can either point down or up to suit your needs.

Candelabra –these are referred to the long, narrow stems of the sockets. These fixtures are one of the old style fixtures used.

How to choose the best chandelier lights?

Choosing the right chandelier light for your interior is the challenging task. The choice of the chandelier is influenced by the individual requirements, where it matches your sense of style and customizes it to meet your personal preferences. The specific choice of the lighting can be influenced by different factors such as size of the room, size of the fixture, interior style.

While selecting the chandelier the size matters, as the dimensions of the chandelier affect the overall look of the interior. Choosing the lighting that is too large will suppress the other elements in the space which affects the overall interior appearance. And using small chandelier light will not give a decorative and functional effect. The size of the lighting is influenced by the height of the room ceiling. You need to measure the diameter or width of the table, if you want to hang these lights on dining table. And when adding these lights to your foyer you need to measure the fixture width.

The height of the chandelier depends upon the main ceiling. Many chandelier lights come with an adjustable chain or rob so that height of the chandelier can be altered as required depending upon the height of the ceiling. Its better if your chandelier is no longer than eight feet from the floor. One of the important factors to be considered is to place the chandelier as centerpiece and not an afterthought. When chandelier is placed at the central position of your living space it gives you an admirable view of all the other elements. Always consider the style of the room while choosing the right fixture. These fixtures come in every style and budget. If the large chandelier is unreachable, then you can add multiple smaller chandeliers to your space.

How many lights should a chandelier have?

The number of lights impacts the size chandelier light. It is recommending hanging the chandelier light eight feet above the floor, and if you are using these lights for dining tables then chandelier’s diameter to be 1/2 to 2/3 the width of your dining table. Today’s average living room chandelier has two to hundreds of lights, and dining room chandelier has four to six lights.

LED chandelier lights

Chandelier lights also use modern technology like LED. The contemporary lighting designers are coming up with the incredible modern LED chandelier lights every day. These LED lights are efficient, flexible and reliable, which translates into significant energy and cost savings. These LED lights allow you add some really unique design opportunities for your living space.

Buy Chandelier lights online

Buy the best chandelier lights online. These lights are available online in different sizes, shapes, designs and shades. Be it chandelier light for your living room, or bedroom, or for dining room, you will want to choose the one that will perfectly elevates your living space. So it is best, first to decide the position of the light you want to fix your chandelier light and then select the chandelier that entirely matches your decor. Chandelier lights are available online by the top brands and best styles at unbeatable quality to add ambient lighting to your living space that matches your decor. Buy these decorative chandelier lights online at lowest price in India.

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