False Ceiling Lights To Dazzle Your Home Decor

False Ceiling Lights To Dazzle Your Home Decor

Can you imagine your designer false ceilings without lights? No, because when it comes to false ceilings, you will have to pick a right light to enhance your home. False ceiling lights are the perfect choice to dazzle your home decor. They not only make your ceiling look glamorous, but also complement your classy furniture.

What most people fail to realize is that lighting your false ceiling is more than just a glamorous enhancement to illuminate your home, so without the right false ceiling lights you’ll never be truly satisfied with the look and feel of your home, as these false ceiling lights have the power to change the mood and feel of the space significantly.

Opting for designer false ceiling gives you opportunity to use contemporary false ceiling lights for your home decor. These ceiling lights not only illuminate your home decor but also make your room feel more luxurious. You can find stunning lighting options that are available in the market which can really turn a room into a stunner and set the mood.

Different types of false ceiling lights that you choose for your home decor

You must have spent months when it comes to enhance your home – a royal chaise lounge, furniture that looks seamless, antique coffee table, a painting or vintage wallpapers for your walls, the best flooring and a modern high false ceiling design. All of this will fail, if you don’t have enough and efficient lighting in your home. The type of lighting that you use makes lot of difference to your home decor. Today false ceiling lights are available in different types and it’s easy to install these lights. Here’s an introduction to the different types of false ceiling lights for you to choose from.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are the most commonly used ceiling lights which can be easily installed behind a false ceiling giving your room a softer touch. These lights are installed into false ceiling and depending on how it is installed these recessed lights provide direct or indirect lighting to your room. These lights are ideal for low ceiling areas and are best way to incorporate cove or LED light fixtures for different moods. You can also combine recessed lights with a set of fancy pendant to give your room an unmatched glow.

Gimbals Recessed Lights

Recessed lights can be made more flexible and highly efficient by using Gimbals, which are the spot lights that are adjustable to focus on directed objects. Using these colorful gimbals lights you can create drama and splendor to your room. These lights can be easily installed and are prefect to draw attention to a directed object. These lights are used as task lighting to focus over artworks on the wall like picture frame or paintings, or bookshelf, or even used in areas like kitchen, or bedroom.

Cove Lights

Cove lights are used as an indirect light that focuses on the ceiling. These lights provide a gentle illumination throughout your room. You can combine cove lights with hanging lights or with the floor lamps for a spotlight or effective lighting’s. These cove lights could be used for exquisite elements in your home and are best placed where you want a warm, soft glow to your room. They also used to highlight architectural elements in your room.

Flush Mount Lights

Flush mount lights are used for hallways or constricted space and range from simple to very ornate. These lights fixtures are lightweight and work well with false ceiling. These lights are best for low ceilings where you can’t install hanging lights to spread across a large area without being harsh on the eyes. Flush mount lights can be matched to varying interior styles, as it keeps all wiring out of sight. These come in two types’ full flush and semi flush. Full flush are those where there is no gap between the fixture and the ceiling and are ideal for the rooms with low ceiling. Semi flush are those fixtures having gap between the ceiling and fixture, these lights can provide direct and indirect light to your room.

False Ceiling LED Lights

False ceiling LED lights are the most commonly used lights for false ceilings, as they can be spotted almost everywhere. You can easily install these lights behind the false ceilings to highlight the front runner areas or to strategically highlight a part of your room. These LED recessed lights are cost-efficient and are used as ambient lighting’s to illuminate your home. They are best when used for low ceilings, as these indirect lighting’s fits well.

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