Things To Know About Ceiling Hanging Lights

Ceiling hanging lights are some of the most outstandingly beautiful lighting fixtures to incorporate into your home decor. These decorative lighting fixtures come in countless designs to satisfy your lighting preferences. Whether you need task lighting or ambient lighting these ceiling lights come in a range of styles and finishes that complement your home decor.

Why use ceiling hanging lights for your home decor?

Often these hanging light fixtures are ignored aspect of interior design and lighting. But today it has become a necessary aspect to be considered to install the right kind of ceiling lamps in your living space.  Ceiling hanging lights are nothing but a fixture that is hung from the ceiling from any number of different styles of chains, rods, cords, wire or pole. These light fixtures can be used as primary light source in living room, bedroom, in kitchen or in any room you wish to place them.

These light fixtures come in different types such as pendant lights, recessed lights, track lights, flush mount or semi-flush mount lights that fit in every home decor. The modern range of ceiling light fixtures also includes LED hanging lights. These light fixtures are available in wide range, which is difficult for you to choose the right type of ceiling hanging light fixture for your home decor.  Here are some of the most popular types of hanging ceiling lights for your home decor.

Different types of hanging ceiling lights to add to your home decor


These lights hold their own statement.  These lights add a classic touch to any room. The chandelier lights are best to be placed in living rooms, dining room or in the places where people gather. These ceiling lights offer a whole range of designs and lighting options giving your room a royal look. These ceiling hanging lights are best for dining rooms and large living rooms. Chandeliers are used for ambient lighting and are available in both contemporary and vintage designs to match any type of home decor.


Pendant lights are the most popularly used home decor lighting’s and come in latest models. They work both as a light source and a decorative element for your room. Pendant lights have the unique ability to redefine the look of the room. These lights are available in vast range of sizes, shapes, color and materials. These lights are suitable to any room in your home.

Track lights

These lights can be easily understood as a series of spot lights or lamps which are arranged on a linear track system that can be moved and directed to different areas. Track lights are best to illuminate hallways and kitchen. They look stylish and work as small spotlights to your room. These hanging ceiling lights elevate the visual appeal of your room and also complement modern decorating themes; they perfectly highlight artwork, photo frames on the wall or other architectural features.

Flush mount and semi-flush mount ceiling lights

These lights are the ceiling lights that are mounted flush onto the ceiling. These lights range from simple to very ornate and can be matched to any interior styles. These lights are lightweight and work well for false ceiling keeping all wiring out of the sight. Flush light come in two different types such as full flush or semi flush. Full flush lights are those where there is no space between the ceiling and the fixtures making it seem like the light is coming through the ceiling. And semi flush lights are those where there is little gap between the fixture and the ceiling which looks like hanging ceiling light. These ceiling lights are suitable for either low ceiling or large rooms that require ambient lighting.

Filament Lights

These lights are the mixture of both modern and traditional lights, they provide great vintage look to your home decor.  These filament lights can truly be an eclectic addition to your home decor. They come in unique color shades that go well to any modern interior decor. These lights are available in various types like table lamp, filament bulb and hanging lights that illuminates and easily blend into any kind of modern and rich interiors.

LED Hanging Light

LED lights are one the popular lights that are used in this modern times. These lights can be used in your living room or to your dining room, as these overhead fixtures provide you a perfect brightness at any time. You can go for soft to neutral tones for the dining room which creates the perfect ambiance. You can go for little brighter tone light such as white light for the living room. LED lights are available in beautiful color and light outputs.

Tips to choose a ceiling hanging light fixture

Before choosing the ceiling hanging light fixture you must first identify and assess your need for a ceiling lamp. The type of the light fixture you need depends on the personal need and the purpose of the ceiling lights you want to add. If you need an ambient illumination for your room, then you can go for chandeliers, pendants, tack lights, or even LED hanging lights that provide effective ambient lighting to your room. If you want to an attractive point of the room then you can go for majestic chandelier having outstanding models. If you need accent lighting for ceiling then you can go for subtle ceiling lights that can help highlight specific decorative elements of the room. And if you want something that serves a utilitarian purpose, then you can go for the set of pendant ceiling lights. You can also let your creative interior shine by different layers of lighting’s. You can use different ceiling hanging lights together with floor lamps, wall lights, table lamps, false ceiling lights or with other lighting designs to get kind of effect you wish to achieve for your home decor. There are varied assortments of statement making ceiling hanging lights to choose from. You can browse through the collection now online in India for the modern ceiling lights for your home decor.

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