Tips To Choose The Right Ceiling Hanging Lights For Living Room

ceiling hanging lights for living room

It’s really nice to see when every detail of the living room lighting is considered in such a way that the whole space looks harmonious. One of the important factors of successful interior design is the lighting. Today, let’s talk about ceiling hanging lights for the heart of the house that is your living room.

When it comes to ceiling hanging lights for living room you have to pick the best lighting fixture. Without the right lights you will never really be satisfied with the look and feel of your living room, where most of the living happens there. People often fail to realize that lighting is a necessary aspect when it comes for home decor. It’s not just to illuminate your home, it also adds glamorous enhancement to your home decor. Many of them are confused while selecting the right light from online, as they come in countless options to choose from that compliment your home decor and furnishings. Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to choose the perfect ceiling light for your living room.

What do you want for lighting your living room?

When you think of decorating your living room with better lighting, there are different types of lighting fixtures and lamps that are designed for different purposes for your living room, as most of the activities happen here like watching TV, reading books, playing games, resting on couch, spending time with family and friends.

Before adding living room lighting fixtures first think about which area of living room needs the lighting. Whether you need a bright and focusing light or you want a background ambient light, or you want an ambient light for lighting the whole living room, or you want brighter light near you where you perform activities like reading books or you want light to focus on your artistic element like paintings or photo frames, or you want a decorative accent lights which highlights your rooms decor.

Once you have an idea as to which area to lighten up now it’s easier for you to choose the appropriate type of lighting that matches your home decor and furnishings. There are light fixtures that can feature either task lighting, accent lighting or ambient lighting. There are different types of lighting fixtures to lighten up your living room. You can see them in three different forms such as following

*Ceiling lights – these are hanging fixtures from ceiling by chain or cord. These lights are used for ambient lighting or even task lighting.

*Table lights – these lights are placed in the mid level of the room and are used for task lighting. These table lamps are used on the side table in your living room or in bedroom.

*Floor lights – these lights are floor standing lamps and are used for accent lighting.

How to choose the prefect ceiling hanging lights for living room

Ceiling hanging light fixtures are an expressive, fun way to add new ambiance and style to your living room. There are lot options for modern ceiling lights for your living room to choose from. You can also use these ceiling lights in your kitchen, or bedroom, or any room to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. These lights set the mood and also add compliment to your decorations and furnishings.

Living room is the room that you enter first. So it’s always important to choose the right ceiling light fixtures for your living room, depending on the various factors. Here are some the factors or tips to choose the ceiling hanging lights for your living room.

Check what is the height of the ceiling: you need to first check the height of the ceiling, if its high ceiling then your might need longer ceiling lights and if you have lower height ceiling then lights that fit closer to the ceiling goes well. You first need to measure the height of ceiling so that you can decide what type light fixture to be used for your ceiling. If you have ceiling above 8 feet you can have the hanging ceiling lights such as pendant, chandeliers, back-lit ceiling panels, track lights, LED Pendent lights. These hanging ceiling lights can be adjusted by removing links from the chain or rob; you can provide a chain that is adjustable to the height of the ceiling. If you have high ceiling then we can provide longer chain for your light fixtures. If you have lower ceiling lights then you can go for semi-flush ceiling hanging lights.

Generally ceiling hanging lights in living room or in your hallways are hung approximately 7 feet above floor level, but you can hang the light fixtures at the height that you are comfortable with. These ceiling lights look smaller when they are hung higher, and larger when hung lower.

Choose a correct size ceiling lights: It is important to choose the right size ceiling light as it has lot of effect on your home decor. When you have a larger room you might need a bigger light fixture and more light for your room. If you have a large room then the obvious choice would be large ceiling light. Or if you have a rectangle shaped room or if you have two main rooms that are attached then you might need two larger ceiling hanging lights. These ceiling hanging lights come in vast number of sizes and it might get difficult for you to choose from. Ceiling light is one of the focal point of the living room so don’t choose a small light for your room, its best to choose the light that is little bigger and which draws your eye open it.

Choose the style and color of ceiling light: ceiling lights are the centerpiece in the living room. You should find the lights that complement your style and color of the light. You should choose the color and style of the light depending upon the feel you want to create in room. Decide style of lights that you want, whether you want a contemporary or traditional style, or you want a luxurious feel to your room. Try to select ceiling lights that easily blends well with the style you choose. There are many fixtures with different color finishes such as brass, gold, bronze, silver, etc. it’s easier if you match with wall paint, door handles, curtains, switches, etc which complement your home decor theme.

Different types lighting’s and their intended use for your living room

There are different types of light fixtures that spread out light in different ways depending on the designs. Some light fixtures provide ambient lighting or tasking lighting, and some for accent lighting. Let us brief about the lighting’s are used for ambient, accent and task lighting.

Ambient lighting

These lights are generally used for diffused background light which provides light throughout the room. They fill the room but they may not be sufficient enough for highlighting the specific activities like reading. Most of the ambient light is usually provided by ceiling hanging lights for living room.

Types of lights those provide ambient lighting for your living room

*Chandeliers – these are ceiling hanging lights.

*Pendant lights – these are also ceiling hanging lights.

*Wall lamps – these are the lights are placed on the sides of the room.

*False ceiling lights – are the lights for your room’s false ceilings.

*Recessed lights – are the lights are across the ceiling.

*Ceiling lighting fan – a living room ceiling fan which has a light kit attached to it to provide light throughout the room.

Task lighting

These lights are used to highlight the specific area with bright shining light. Task lights are used over table, next to a chair, or in the cozy corner of the room, etc. these room lamps help you to provide brighter light to see to perform your tasks easily.

Types of lights those provide task lighting for your living room

*Table lamps – these lamps are placed near the chair, or sofa, or in the corner place of the room.

*Reading lamps – these lamps are placed near the couch or a chair.

*Task lamps – these are used for highlighting your tasks.

*Desk lamps – these can be used for the desk work.

*Full spectrum lamps – these light are great when placed next to chair for reading.

*Small pendants – these are the hanging lights that are positioned over a seating area.

*Piano lights – these are lights which provide focus over a piano or keyboard.

Accent lighting

Accent lights are used for decoration purpose these lights add elegance to your room lighting. These lights highlight your artwork and architectural features within the room and also add style to the space. These are the lights that draw your eye to the focus point. These accent lights help you to illuminate the space that you want to highlight. They are used to highlight your artwork, bookcase, wall painting, or a piece of furniture.

Types of lights those provide task lighting for your living room

*wall lights

*Recessed lights

*Landscape lights

*Track lights

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